8 Easy Tips for a Trouble-free Pet Relocation through Packers and Movers


Most pet owners leave their pets behind while moving them to other destinations. They are unable to search for the right packers and movers in Mohali for their pet relocation. However, even if they find the best movers, they encounter a series of troubles during their move. The reason behind it is that they are unaware of the best tips to move their pets to any destination without any risk. If you too are having difficulties in shifting your pet to your destination, then referring to the following tips will be of much benefit to you:-

Start Your Pet Relocation Early

You should aim for an early move as that will be much more beneficial for your overall pet relocation. If you initiate your move early, you will also reach your destination on time. This will help you in resolving any problem that pops up during your pet relocation services. Starting your pet relocation early is also beneficial if you are planning to move in winter. As it gets dark early in the winter, so, starting your relocation as early as possible is essential to move with your pet safely and without any problem. This will save you from many problems that crop up during your pet relocation. 

Update the Tags and Microchips of Your Pets

It is important to update the tags and microchips of your pets before starting your pet relocation through packers and movers in Mohali. This will help you in searching for your beloved pet if it goes missing during the pet moving process. People who don’t update the microchips and tags of their pets with their current address and phone number face a lot of problems while searching for their pets. So, you should also be careful of updating your microchips and tags before scheduling your pet move.

Prepare an Emergency Kit

Make sure to prepare an emergency kit for your pet before relocating it to your new home. The emergency kit you prepare for your pet relocation will include food, grooming tools, toys, etc. Apart from that you can also keep important medicines for your pet in this kit. If you carry medicines for your pet, you can give them these medicines during the move. However, make sure to keep this kit with you during your overall pet relocation.

Get a Crate

Getting a crate will be highly beneficial for your pet during the pet relocation process. There is no dearth of good quality crates in the market. However, you must choose one that is spacious as well as strong. Make sure to go for a crate that has enough space for your pet. If your pet’s crate is spacious, your pet can easily stand and move in it. However, if you are moving to an international location with your pet, you should buy an IATA-compliant crate for it. These carriers are built with high-quality materials which provide longevity to them. So, these pet crates are highly suitable to keep your pets in them. Your pets are comfortable in them as they can easily sit, move and eat in them.

Check Your Pet with a Vet

It is important to check your pet after contacting your vet. He will diagnose it and tell you about its condition. If your pet is suffering from any medical condition, the vet will suggest the best medicines for it. You can discuss your move with him and he will provide you with a few important medicines that will be good for your pet during the overall pet relocation process. You can also enquire whether the vaccinations of your pets are up to date or not. If any vaccination is missing, you can go ahead and get your pet vaccinated. If possible, get a rabies vaccination certificate as it is important to carry during the move. 

Collect Medical Records of Your Pet from Your Vet 

Apart from checking your pet from the Vet, you should also collect its old medical records after contacting your old vet. Carrying these medical records is extremely advantageous for you during your pet relocation process. You will need them if you want to shift to another location. If you have these medical records with you, you can easily show them to the new vet. After going through these records, your new vet can easily know about the medical history of your pet and prescribe medicines for it. 

Find a New Vet 

After moving your pet to your new destination, you will need to find a new vet. It is not easy to find an experienced vet for you at the new place. However, you can go through the internet to find a professional vet for your pet. You can also get references from your neighbors to find him. Upon finding a new vet you can resume the treatment of your pet (if he has a medical condition) through the vet. You can also get any references from your old vet and find a new vet through him. 

Keep Your Pet in the Car

If you are moving your pet locally, the best would be to keep it in the back seat of your car. This is the best place for it as you can keep its crate here safely. However, make sure to fasten the crate with the seatbelt so they can remain safe in the car. Moreover, you can also use a blanket to cover the pet crate to save it from any distractions caused by light. 

Some pet animals or birds get anxious due to the light. So, it is important to save them from any light coming from outside. The best way would be to take them for a few test drives. During these drives, they will get acclimated to your car. This will help you take them to your destination without any problem. Hence, first of all, you should let them familiarize themselves with their crate and your car. Once they start familiarizing themselves, you won’t have any problem moving them to your destination by your car. This will provide them with a safe as well as comfortable move to your new destination.


Now, you become aware of several tips that you can use while moving your pet to your new home. You can find other tips to shift your pet safely through packers and movers in Mohali.


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