How Can You Manufacture Custom Hot Dog Boxes?

Custom Hot Dog Boxes
How Can You Manufacture Custom Hot Dog Boxes?

Custom hot dog boxes are necessary for the packaging, but getting perfect boxes is difficult. Although several industries in the USA are giving packaging solutions to all the brands companies sometimes need help selecting the best boxes to pack foods. 

To avoid such a problem, it is crucial to get a basic understanding of the custom boxes. When you grasp the basics you become able to identify what is the requirement of your product and how you can get holistic packaging. 

For Custom Hot Dog Boxes wholesale you can consult the internet and see the strategies that your rivals are using. In today’s blog, we will learn tips on how we can manufacture boxes to pack hot dogs. 

Manufacturing Tips For Boxes

For all types of food packaging, the quality matters a lot because food needs protection from dirt, dust, and microbiota in the climate. Quality packaging provides ideal protection for the food and also allows the companies to get the benefit of marketing. For your hot dog packaging, the following manufacturing steps must be followed: 


The first step in the manufacturing of boxes is material. Packaging companies use paper-based material for most custom boxes because of the climate-friendly nature of paper. Moreover, paper is an organic material and has a food-grade nature that does not contaminate the food. Below are some of the packaging materials for custom hot dog trays and boxes: 

  • Cardboard
  • Kraft
  • Corrugated 

All the materials have unique qualities that make them perfect for packing foods. The kraft material is 100 % sustainable as it is the least processed one and is not covered with coatings to retain its eco-friendly nature. Packaging companies widely use cardboard because it is easy to print and gives vibrant and catchy boxes. 

Aside from kraft and cardboard, corrugated material is also used for foods such as burger boxes chocolate boxes wholesale, sandwich boxes, etc. 


The next step that packaging companies use to manufacture boxes is printing. Printing converts ordinary, bland, and generic boxes into custom ones. With the help of printings, you can give the boxes an identity that you want and a look that matches your brand standards. For boxes companies use the following printing methods: 

  • Offset printing
  • Digital printing 
  • Screen printing 
  • Flexography 

Every printing method has different results and variable prices. You can select the one that is according to your budget. Offset printing is slightly expensive due to the inclusion of plate charges but this gives remarkable results for your custom hot dog boxes. 

Digital printing is cheap but its results are of moderate quality. Screen printing is a manual process and is useful for less complicated designs. Then leaves flexography, which gives ideal results, is not very expensive, and is unique. Companies combine digital and flexography to get lower rates but exceptional results. 


Color selection is a task done with the utmost care because no matter what the quality and how much the design is on the hot dog packaging, if color is not suitable then you can not get the best boxes. That is why packaging companies use two of the best color-mixing processes to get marvelous results. 

  • PMS
  • CMYK 

Both the color-mixing process gives perfect hues that can be used in the designing of the boxes. With PMS you can get a combination of more than five colors and with the help of CMYK, you can use a combination of four or less than four shades. 

Logo Printing 

Logo printing is one of the most crucial parts of box manufacturing. All the packaging industries try to manufacture boxes that have logos with perfect alignment so that brands can get multiple benefits such as product protection and brand promotion. With the help of logo-printed boxes, small sellers who do not have a big budget for brand promotion can promote themselves.  


Another new part of today’s box manufacturing is add-ons. Add-ons increase the catchiness of the boxes and make them premium in appearance. Packaging companies use add-ons to add an element of innovation to the boxes. Some of the add-ons are: 

  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Hot stamping
  • Ribbons
  • Strings
  • Metallic foiling 


On hot dog packaging, finishings are widely used that give protection to the packaging material. From laminations to varnishes and clay coating all are widely used to enhance the protective ability of the boxes. Matt and gloss are the major types of coatings that are used in variable manners. 

Final Words! 

For custom hot dog boxes, there are some of the basic things that the packaging industries keep in mind to manufacture ideal and distinct boxes. The first thing that matters for the packagers is the use of high-quality materials, then the second step comes where an appropriate printing method is selected. Later on, color, add-ons, and finishing are selected to create luxurious, professional, and perfect packaging.


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