What causes sticky controller buttons?

fix sticky controller buttons

Sticky controller buttons are a common problem affecting gamers of all levels. Various factors, including dirt, dust, oil, sweat, and food particles, can cause them. Sticky buttons can make it difficult to control your game and lead to missed inputs.

In this article, we will discuss the different causes of fixing sticky buttons on ps4 controllers and some solutions and tips for preventing and improving them.

Types of sticky controller buttons

There are two main types of sticky controller buttons:

  • Mechanical buttons: These buttons are made of plastic and have an automatic switch inside. The switch is activated when the button is pressed and sends a signal to the controller’s circuit board. Mechanical controls are more likely to become sticky due to dirt, dust, or other debris caught under the switch.
  • Rubber dome buttons: These buttons are rubber and have a dome-shaped switch inside. The switch is activated when the button is pressed and sends a signal to the controller’s circuit board. Rubber dome buttons are less likely to become sticky than mechanical buttons, but they can still be affected by dirt, dust, or other debris.

Why do controller buttons get sticky?

There are a few reasons why controller buttons can get sticky:

  • Dirt and dust: Dirt and dust can quickly get into the crevices of a controller and can eventually cause the buttons to stick.
  • Oil and sweat: Our hands naturally produce oil and sweat, which can also get onto controller buttons. Over time, this oil and sweat can build up and cause the buttons to stick.
  • Food particles: If you eat or drink while gaming, it’s possible that food particles could get onto your controller buttons. These food particles can eventually cause the buttons to stick.
  • Damage: If your controller is dropped or otherwise damaged, it’s possible that the buttons could become damaged and start to stick.

Solutions for sticky controller buttons

There are a few things you can do to fix sticky controller buttons:

  • Clean the buttons: The first step is to clean the buttons. You can do this with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. Be sure to clean around the edges of the buttons as well.
  • Use a lubricant: Once the buttons are clean, apply a lubricant to them. This will help to keep them from sticking. You can use a lubricant like WD-40 or silicone spray.
  • Replace the buttons: If the controls are damaged, you may need to replace them. This is a more difficult task, but it may be necessary if the other solutions must be revised.

Tips for preventing sticky controller buttons

Here are a few tips for preventing sticky controller buttons:

  • Keep your controller clean: Make sure to clean your controller regularly. This will help to prevent dirt, dust, oil, and sweat from building up on the buttons.
  • Don’t eat or drink while gaming: This will help prevent food particles from getting onto the buttons.
  • Be careful not to drop or damage your controller: This will help to prevent the buttons from becoming damaged.


Sticky controller buttons can be a frustrating problem, but you can do a few things to fix them. Following this article’s tips, you can keep your controller buttons clean and working properly.



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