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Parental control apps are the trend, and people are incorporating such tools into daily life to simplify things. One of the best apps, SecureKin, offers excellent features that parents can use to check their kids strictly. 

What is SecureKin :

SecureKin is a monitoring tool that needs physical access to the kid’s devices at the time of installation. Once the app is installed, the parents can handle all the operations remotely. For those of you who think of this as some complicated technology, no need to worry anymore. The SecureKin app offers a friendly user interface and a simple and easy installation guide, making it possible for even nontech parents to install and enjoy the service. The SecureKin app offers four bundles, each containing all types of basic and advanced features for the kid’s monitoring.

Features of the SecureKin App:

Here are some of the details of the features offered by the app. Remember that it is legal in most states to use monitoring tools as parental control. Still, it is safe to double-check local laws and policies regarding using the parental control app. 

Real-Time Location

What if I tell you that with the help of the SecureKin app, you can easily know where your kid is right now? The app notifies the user about the real-time location of the kid, making it easy for parents to know about the movements. The feature can be best used by parents who are working most of the time, have no idea about the kid’s whereabouts, and depend on their texts or calls. 


The web-filtering feature gives parents the power to filter the content sent online and allows the kids to watch only useful stuff online. Kids, especially teens, get curious about certain stuff adult stuff when they hit puberty, but it is not safe to know everything right at that age. So, to keep things natural and in the flow, you can control and filter the online content to make it appropriate to their age. 

Browsing History

Browsing history tells many things about the kid’s mindset and interests. The SecureKin app offers complete access to the kid’s browsing history, making it possible for parents to know about the kid’s lifestyles and choices. 

Screen Time

Get notifications about the overall screen time of the kids. The feature lets the parents know about the starting and ending times of the app usage. You can know the total time spent on the apps and guide them accordingly. Track any obsession with addicting apps and support them to become digitally responsible parents.  

Activity Report

The activity report feature notifies the user about the complete details of the app log. 

App Block

Block the apps that may hurt the kid’s life in any way. There are all sorts of apps available for installation in the app store. Many apps even contain toxic ads that the parents can’t control. The SecureKin app makes it possible for parents not only to track such apps but block them as well. Ensure the kids only use informative and positive apps and are not getting too hooked on the addicting, useless apps. 

Location History

The best thing about the SecureKin app is that it not only notifies about the kid’s real-time location but also saves the history of the whereabouts as well. The feature can be used to know about the usual hang-out places of the kids, any secret places they usually visit with friends, and more. 


Crack the password of all the digital accounts, including social media, and know about the account ID and other keypad-related information with a click. The Keystroke logging feature reports all the keypad-related stuff and saves it on the web portal of the app. 

Pros and Cons:

There are many benefits of incorporating the SecureKin app into your life. You will no longer depend on the kids to know about their mental and physical well-being. Useful features like location tracking, internet browsing history tracking, and web filtering will make things easier for you. However, too much dependence on the monitoring tool can affect the kids’ trust. Give them free space, but make sure they are safe and secure using the SecureKin app.


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